Scuba Div­ing at Men­jan­gan Island

Div­ing at Men­jan­gan Island!

Approx­i­mately thirty five years ago Men­jan­gan Island became Bali’s first internationally-​recognised dive loca­tion, famous for its wall-​diving with great vis­i­bil­ity (50m at cer­tain times of the year). Menjangan’s walls gen­er­ally start at 10m and descend to vary­ing depths (the shal­low­est being 26m, the deep­est 60m+).

They are flooded with sun­light; full of small nooks and cran­nies, over­hangs, and big­ger cavelettes, crevasses, etc; cov­ered with soft corals, sponges and offer the great­est diver­sity of gor­gon­ian fans in Bali.

Men­jan­gan Island is located off the north west coast of Bali and has been fea­tured as Bali’s most recog­nised dive site since the late 1970s.

Known for its sprawl­ing reef flats, calm and mostly pre­dictable con­di­tions, and rel­a­tively shel­tered loca­tion, Men­jan­gan Island

has remained a favourite with many divers despite its dam­age and recov­ery from both a coral-​eating Crown of Thorns infestation

and coral bleach­ing caused by El Niño in the late 90s. It is now part of the West Bali National Park

The clar­ity of the water can at times be amaz­ing, July to Sep­tem­ber often yields the best vis­i­bil­ity and a

cur­rent of more than 1 knot is unusual. How­ever, as Men­jan­gan is pro­tected from the cold cur­rents com­ing in from the open sea,

there are only rare sight­ings of larger fish.

Men­jan­gan Island can be dived all year round and pro­vides some of the best vis­i­bil­ity seen in all of Bali’s dive sites.

Even though it may not offer a wide vari­ety of marine life, mas­sive pelag­ics or chal­leng­ing drift dives like other sites,

it’s a reli­able site for enjoy­ing some of the best soft corals, gor­goni­ans, stan­dard reef fish species and even its own hum­ble wreck.

Vis­i­bil­ity here is so good that it can often reach over 50m, and sea tem­per­a­tures are quite warm at 2831°C.

Although the best div­ing in Men­jan­gan Island is said to be from April to Novem­ber (dur­ing the south east mon­soon), the island

can be dived all year round as it offers some of the most pro­tected div­ing in Bali.

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