Horse and Big Wheel Safari

On the way you can see great Egypt­ian vul­ture, it is per­haps the small­est and most wide­spread of all the vul­tures found in India. The type species is from Egypt and the sub­species found in the sub­con­ti­nent is paler and smaller with aver­age weights of 2 kg and a wingspan of 170 cm. They are one of the two species of vul­tures with a sig­nif­i­cant pop­u­la­tion in south India, the other being the Red-​headed. In ancient Egypt, it was used as one of hiero­glyph and was a sym­bol of roy­alty. They are one of the most migra­tory amongst vul­tures often cov­er­ing dis­tances as long as 6000 km and 500 km in a sin­gle day. Depend­ing on the time of year other migra­tory ani­mals and birds may sur­prise us!

Deers like Chinkara and Blackbuck.

The Chinkara or Indian Gazelle: The Chilkara specie of Gazelle is found in plain lands of India. Marshy, damp, plain land is the habi­tat sit­u­a­tion and adap­ta­tion cen­ter for this kind of species. A sin­gle horned and chest nut color of skin is the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of specie. Found in: plain lands of Pun­jab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Mad­hya Pradesh, Dec­can land.

The Black­buck or Indian ante­lope: The black­buck is a golden brown color on its back from neck to tail and white color strap under­neath cov­er­ing from under neck to tail. These are largely found in farm land and cul­ti­va­tion areas. The species was under great threat due to its hunt­ing. These attain a height of 2426 inches and females 1012 inches.

Horses we use - There are three pre­dom­i­nant breeds of Indian horses in north­west India namely the Mar­wari, Kathi­awadi and Sindhi. The Mar­war region (erst­while Jodh­pur State) of Rajasthan has been the home of the MAR­WARI breed. The Kathi­awadi comes from the desert tract of our neigh­bour­ing state Gujrat called Kathiawar.

On this safari you will get to ride on Mar­wari and Kathi­awari horses.

Use­ful items the rid­ers should bring with them:

– Soft water bot­tle for the saddlebag

– Rid­ing cap or hel­met. Rid­ing Boots.

– Sheep skin for saddle.

– Small torch, flash­light or binoculars

– Sun hat and sun cream.

– Bathrobe.

– Light­weight raincoat.

– Leather chaps, — Jodh­purs or long trousers.

– Sun­glasses on string, rid­ing gloves and bandana.

– Long sleeved cot­ton shirts.

– Video and pic­ture camera,

– Insect repel­lent– Cam­era bat­tery charger with a cig­a­rette lighter lead.

– Any med­ica­tion which is pre­scribed by doc­tors. (Please let us know too if any med­ical history)

What all we have included in the package.

Folk music

A Masseur for massage.

Archery and tar­get shoot­ing on the rides

At night stargaz­ing with telescope.

Bird sight­ing books.

Kite flying

Music instru­ments and local entertainment.


For secu­rity and safety all the staff is con­nected on wire­less sets. There is always an emer­gency vehi­cle which fol­lows the horses all the time dur­ing the ride. To pro­vide First Aid or to evac­u­ate a guest in case of acci­dent or illness.

For rid­ers and non-​riders

Rid­ding groups will nor­mally not be more than 14 Guest per group. The rid­ers should be aged 8 and over and weigh less than 210 Lbsor 95Kgs. Over this you can enquirer, but only if you are an advance rider. We spend four to six hours a day in the sad­dle there­fore rider’s need to be rid­ing fit and con­fi­dent with their abil­i­ties at all paces. We regret that we can­not take a begin­ner on our rides.

We wel­come non-​riding spouses, part­ners, friends and chil­dren who can enjoy the many alter­na­tive activities.

Other Activ­i­ties we offer

Jeep Rides and safari

Camel Rides and safari

Hot Air bal­loon­ing (needs advance notice of at least one month)

Vin­tage car rides or vin­tage jeep rides.

Bird watching

Work on the Farm and milk a cow

Fresco Trail walks

Swim­ming pool and spa

Pool and Billiards


Visit a small Ham­let and talk to the locals.

ATV Rides

Bike tours

Cycling tours

Archery and Tar­get shooting.

Expe­ri­ence of a wilder­ness camp.

Stargaz­ing with telescope.

Learn how to cook local food.

**We can also arrange other tours to Stud Farms, Polo Matches and the Pushkar Fair depend­ing on the sea­son and size of group.

**Con­tact This email address is being pro­tected from spam­bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for details and all our Spe­cial Rates.